Is your loyalty program missing a critical factor?

Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 3.57.50 PM I'm a fan of loyalty programs…if they're done right. 

The truth is, most companies aren't willing to make the reward equal to or worthy of the effort they're asking from their best customers.

But when you do (when the juice is worth the squeeze) — they can be potent.  But what if yours is missing a key ingredient?  What if it could have an even more significant impact on your bottom line?

Check out my IowaBiz post to find out what you might be missing.

One comment on “Is your loyalty program missing a critical factor?

  1. Helen Tucker says:

    Drew, thank you for the post. So, speaking about TGIFridays loyalty program… You wrote that it actually doesn’t encourage “word of mouth”.

    And what it’s necessary to do to change this sutation? I mean what the company should do to have more success?

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