7 things you didn’t know about me meme (sort of)

85423593 I swear, I must be the slowest runner on the planet — I keep getting tagged! ;-}

Daria Radota Rasmussen tagged me with the 7 things about me meme

Now, I’ve already told you plenty of things about me in the previous taggings…and only 2 of those were even remotely interesting. 

So rather than bore you with more things about me, I thought I’d tell you 7 things I haven’t done yet but really want to do so I can use them in the next meme.

The “I haven’t done them yet, but some day these things will be about me!” list

  1. I want to see a baseball game in every major league ballpark (I’m about half way there.)
  2. I want to write a mystery novel (I have it in my head…even the opening sentence.)
  3. I want to visit every Disney theme park in the world (I’ve got Disney World, Disney Cruise and Disneyland covered.  Still have Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort to go.)
  4. I want to visit Scotland with my Dad (this is in the works — should be able to cross it off the list in 2009.)
  5. I want to own my house, free and clear.  (No chance of crossing this off in 2009!)
  6. I want to be the cool grandpa  (Okay…I don’t want to cross this one off for a LONG time!)
  7. I want to launch a podcast/CD feature…interviewing all of the smart and cool people in marketing that I’ve met along the way.

So that’s it, kids.  Hopefully a few of these will get shifted to the got it done column in ’09 and a few that are definitely a longer-term goal.

How about you…what’s one thing you deeply aspire to do that might surprise us?

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