The cherry on top

Cherry_2 David Reich of My 2 cents recently tagged me for the eight things about me meme.  Many months ago, there was a five things about me meme going around that I got tagged for.  You have to give the blogosphere credit – we're always trying to get even better.

So….from the past, here are my first five:

  • I’ve crossed the threshold of Walt Disney World at least once a year since it opened in 1971.
  • I could be President of Venezuela (I was born down there while my parents did an overseas stint for work. )
  • I hung out with the movie star Ashley Judd for a weekend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • I really dislike feet.  Don’t like to look at them or touch them.  Have no idea why.  But, if I ever were the President of Venezuela – I would outlaw sandals.
  • You can find me in the TV special (now on DVD) of a very famous country music duo.

Now, for the cherry on the top….another three.

I always read the last couple chapters of a book first.  Yes, even mysteries and whodunits.  By 12:30 am next Friday, I will know if Harry Potter dies or not.  I promise, I won't tell.  I love knowing the ending and then learning from how the author weaves the truths into the story telling.  This is especially fascinating in a good murder mystery.

In a previous career, I was the head of a detective agency.  Okay, I was about 9 or 10.  But ala Encyclopedia Brown, we were open for business and serious about our craft.  I believe we solved two minor mysteries (which I am pretty sure our parents engineered) but we earned enough money to hit the DQ.

Only counting the ones that have hospitalized me….I have had about 30 kidney stones.  The doctors have done every test imaginable but they can't figure out why.  So I drink a lot of water and take an odd mix of pills including a seaweed supplement.  Good news…the odd blend seems to be working.

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