Best Practices in Social Media: Lift up others

Mitch Joel over at Six Pixels of Separation is asking for best practices for social media marketing. I got tagged by Liz and I’m in — how about you?

You don’t have to have a blog to play.  You can always answer here in the comments section. If you’re doing interesting social media stuff, specifically that you have some best practices for social media marketing, here’s how to join in:

  1. Blog it or add it to the comments here.
  2. Link to Mitch’s blog
  3. Tag it “social media marketing best practices project”
  4. And then tag someone else with the meme.

Drew’s social media best practice?  Lift up others!

I’m a very firm believer and to the best of my ability, practitioner of this philosophy.

I think we should share our time, resources, smarts, links — lifting others up and enjoying their success.  Just like in any offline neighborhood — there’s always a neighbor who’s ready to offer a helping hand.

I think we want to be that neighbor.

So reach out to new bloggers.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re the new blogger.  Why not give away some free books to promote a new author?  Or participate in Blogtipping to spotlight new bloggers?  Or how about inviting 200+ authors to contribute to a book you’re co-producing?

Create opportunities for others, applaud for their successes and genuinely serve both your readers and the community of bloggers and I promise, you’ll enjoy a long and rewarding social media existence.

Okay, tagging time.  Mike Sansone, Roberta Rosenberg, John Rosen, Gavin Heaton and David Reich.  Why did I pick them?  They are all expert practitioners of the give generously philosophy.

Drew’s comment:  I hope you’ll notice that this “social media” best practice is also an offline marketing best practice.  Sharing what you have and what you know….letting others “sample” you is a brilliant and too seldom used tactic.

I’ll bet if you go back and read the other best practices, (Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel, Liz Strauss) you’ll discover that most of them work in any medium.  Social Media is just another tool for communicating.  But overall, the same rules apply.

6 comments on “Best Practices in Social Media: Lift up others

  1. It’s all about Karma. When we give back to others the universe gives back to us. I’ve been posting more outbound links to my fellow bloggers (like this excellent blog) and it makes me feel good as well as further the link love that so many have given to me.

  2. Karl,

    Without a doubt, that’s part of it. I do believe that all good things come back to us. But it’s also a very practical thing. People are much more likely to buy something if they’ve had a taste before — either of the product, service or service provider.

    I also think it speaks to your intentions and integrity. In the end, it’s about how you want to be as a person and/or a business.


  3. Liz Strauss says:

    Hi Drew,
    Every bit of you lifts up the folks around you. I smile just to thing about it. Wish I had half the knack of coming to it as naturally as you do it.

    Lifting up other folks lift us just like a blog lifts a website, like balloon lifts a basket. A kind word and smile can do so much. I feel better than I did before I stopped by. 🙂

  4. Liz,

    Thank you for the kind words. Actually, you’ve had a great deal of influence on that. When I first decided I wanted to blog, I asked Mike Sansone who I should watch and learn from. He pointed me to you.

    Whether it’s Comment Night, or SOBs, or all the other things you do to spotlight and celebrate others — I observed and learned the lessons well.

    So if imitation if the most sincere form of flattery — I’ve been flattering you since my very first blog post!


  5. David Reich says:

    Thanks for the tag Drew. I’ll get to it in a few days.

  6. Create opportunities for others, applaud for their successes and genuinely serve both your readers and the community of bloggers and I promise, you’ll enjoy a long and rewarding social media existence.W

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