Recession proof your business – FREE book!

Picture_1 Imagine what it would be like to sit down with 38 great minds in business, sales and marketing and hear from them exactly what to do and not to do during a recession.       

Well, that’s basically what Scott Aughtmon has done for us.

He interviewed 38 top experts in business, sales & marketing and asked them 3 questions:

  • What’s the common mistake most businesses make in a recession?
  • What are the methods you would use to survive and prosper in a recession?
  • What moneymaking opportunities do you see available for business owners during this time?

Then he created two e-manuals that reveal their answers and give us their simple methods to help our businesses survive and prosper in a recession.

And…thanks to Scott, I have 10 sets of the books to give away.  Plus, there are some bonus giveaways which make this even better!  Here’s how you can win the books, valued at $57.

  • Comment on this post (one entry)
  • Tweet about the book giveaway (include URL)  and send me a screen shot (one entry)
  • Post about the giveaway (include URL/link) on your blog and send me the link (two entries)

I’ll put everyone’s name on a slip of paper and let my daughter draw one out of a hat.  You can’t get more impartial than that!  The drawing will be held Tuesday, August 5th Thursday, August 7th (thanks to my travel woes) so you have one week.

The experts that Scott interviewed include the likes of Jay Levinson, Michael Gerber, Laura Ries, Ron McDaniel, and Debbie Weil among others. 

I’ve read the books and they are packed with smarts and good counsel.  But if you don’t want to take my word for it…how about these endorsements?

"When times are tough, there is no ‘one’ answer. ‘Succeed and Prosper in a Recession’ provides many answers and it provides them through the insights of America’s marketing masters. If you can’t get the answers from this ebook, you haven’t figured out the question, much less the problem. This book is a winner that will help you win."

Jeffrey Gitomer

"Scott Aughtmon has compiled just the right advice for just the right people and at just the right time. Surviving and prospering during a recession will never be a piece of cake. But it will be a whole lot easier if you’ve read the wise counsel in Scott’s book. I recommend it to the skies, recession or no recession."

Jay Conrad Levinson

"What a refreshing, uplifting break from the doom and gloom that’s all around us. Reading this book is like getting an instant MBA from people who have made millions of dollars for themselves and others — regardless of the so-called economic climate."

David Garfinkel

If you just can’t wait or don’t win the free copies, you can read more about the book and order your own copy here.  And yes, there is an affiliate program and no, I am not participating. 

I don’t make a buck and you get smarter.  Doesn’t that work out well for you!

16 comments on “Recession proof your business – FREE book!

  1. Thanks for bring awareness about this book. Even if I don’t win I plan on looking it up for a purchase to consider. This would be a great book to pass along to a friend, family member or fellow business associate who has a business. I’ll be sure to blog about it as well since most of my customers have their own business and we work to help make them successful through the tools we provide.

  2. verna says:

    Thanks Drew! Sounds like a great book!

  3. Seth Sparks says:

    This text could definitely be a great asset for consultants as well as small businesses. And it’s even better when it’s free!

  4. Shama Hyder says:

    Looks like a fascinating read Drew. Leave it to you to handle it all! = )

  5. Ron McDaniel says:

    That is very unamerican of you Drew. Sign up for the affiliate program and make a buck.

    Are you a communist?

    Just kidding!!!!! Thanks for mentioning the book and my involvement.


  6. Glad you’re all excited about the books. They really are well worth the read, even if you have to buy them!

    Ron — I know, I know. I just want to keep my recommendations authentic and unfettered by my desire to be a billionaire!


  7. Josh Klein says:

    Great idea, Drew. If Jay Conrad Levinson endorses the book, I sure as hell better read it. Everything that guy writes is gold, so I imagine he has impeccable taste in other authors.


  8. Josh,

    The list of both the contributing authors and those endorsing the book is a who’s who of business.

    I think you’ll enjoy the book and get some valuable insights.


  9. Karin H. says:

    Hi Drew

    (Good thing the books are E-books 😉 but on the other hand if they weren’t and I won I would definitely share in the postage to the UK).
    Recession, recession: it is almost turning into a song (I’m hearing the music of “fiddler on the roof” – traditions, traditions) stuck in our minds. Reading wise and positive words and ‘hackling’ the pessimists works well too to survive these times 😉

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  10. Hi Drew,

    Sounds like a great read. Off to twitter…


  11. Karin,

    The truth is and any of us who have been in business for awhile know it — the economy ebbs and flows. And we need to be flexible and strong enough to weather the shifts.

    But you will love some of the ideas and thinking in this book.


  12. Sandy,

    Thanks for helping me spread the word!


  13. Carla Pullum says:

    I would love to read about surving all this recession mess! Nice giveaway!!!

  14. Jennifer McDonald says:

    Sounds like a book that will stand the test of time!

  15. Chris Nolte says:

    Drew, I’ll throw my hat in the ring too. We not-for-profits are always looking for good information at the right price! You could save the postage – I’d stop by!

    Chris Nolte

  16. Chris,

    Gotta love that delivery service! Your name is in the hat!


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