Three things to remember when you write a marketing plan

Three Last week we explored how to set a marketing budget and in that post, I emphasized that every marketing budget should be tied to a measurable marketing plan. So it makes sense that we should talk a little about some key do’s and don’t’s in creating your marketing plan.

Do less, but do it better:  Most business owners make the mistake of being too ambitious with their marketing efforts.  Which results in starting many things, but never doing them consistently and well. 

You’re much better off to do fewer things but do them more often and better.

Balance your audiences:  It’s a natural urge to invest all of your marketing resources on getting new clients.  But, that’s shortsighted.  The two most important audiences are your employees and your current customers.  Be sure your marketing plan gives them enough attention.

At least half your budget and effort should be aimed at these two critical groups of people.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:  One of your goals should be to deliver a business’ key messages through a variety of mediums.   No matter how much you believe in word of mouth, direct mail, e-newsletters or an interactive website – don’t land on any one medium.

Stack up impressions by varying the media that carries your message.

What do’s and don’t’s would you add to this list?

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