Are we becoming a world of snackers?

Snacks I’ve long said we’ve become a USA Today world.  Bite-sized chunks of information, a pretty chart and we’re good.

I recently wrote about the power of downsizing how much information you try to cram into any marketing tactic.  We’ve also talked about how being long-winded can hurt your effectiveness. And the value of offering bite-sized test drives to our prospects.

So, I was excited when Connie Reece tagged me on a meme that was started by Jeremiah Owyang.  He asks the question — do you respect media snackers and if so, how?

So I’ll play along.  Here’s where I think I am holding my own:

  • I write posts like the ones listed above, trying to not only walk the talk, but teach it.
  • I keep my blog posts short. (for the most part)
  • I write a weekly marketing column that tops off at 300 words.
  • I use solo visuals to help tell the story.
  • I use Twitter and other micromedia.

Here’s where I need to get even better:

  • Adding more categories so topic-specific readers can find content easier.
  • Introducing my readers to more resources for just in time searching.
  • Continuing to hone my messages down to their essence.

So, as the game is played…I tag David Armano, Chris Wilson, Tim Siedell, Gavin HeatonMark Goren and Doug Meacham.

Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to jump in and play along.  How are you modifying your communications to accommodate media snackers?

9 comments on “Are we becoming a world of snackers?

  1. Connie Reece says:

    More categories for topic-specific snackers — good idea. You also employed another good technique: bullet points. Enables faster reading of content.

    And you tagged some excellent voices; I’ll look forward to tracking this meme further. Thanks for participating.

  2. CK says:

    In a world of countertrends (McD’s hosts salads and Big Macs, and both sell well) and divergent tastes (books as well as blogs are being consumed currently), I try and give a bit of both. Some posts are ‘snacky’, some are lengthy. Sometimes there are series.

    I agree that bite-sized is better but I’m a fan of shaking it up a bit at times.

  3. DK says:

    Been following the digital ripples and caught up with your response. Thanks for playing and for adding your voice to the growing meme…

    I have added your name to the growing list:


    MediaSnackers Founder

  4. One thing we do is offer RSS feeds for all our categories so that our readers can pick and choose which content to subscribe to.

    Once GANB is redesigned we hope to make this a more prevalent feature.

  5. Tim Siedell says:

    Hi, Drew. Thanks for the tag.

    I posted my response over at Doug Meacham’s blog…

  6. Connie,

    Thanks for the tag! I’m looking forward to what they have to say as well!


  7. CK,

    Yup, that’s the point I made in a comment over at Fresh Peel. No one wants all their information the same way, every time.

    We need to offer options. That’s what we’ve now trained those pesky consumers to demand!


  8. DK,

    Thanks for inspiring the conversation!


  9. Tim,

    I caught it. You and I are of the same mind on this one.


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