2007 — My turn at offering a marketing prediction

Newyear The last week of December and the early part of January are always awash with predictions.  I got a nice note from David Polinchock, pointing me to the excellent series he wrote for Brand Experience Lab.  Then, I found Be Excellent’s Top 10 Business Resolutions for 2007.

Both well-written and wise posts.  There’s not a bad observation in the bunch.

Want to hear my prediction for 2007?

I don’t think that most businesses will actually do any of it. 

  • I don’t believe that most businesses are brave enough to step out from the shadows of "we’ve always done it that way" to try something new.
  • I don’t believe that most businesses have the courage to trust their own customers and employees to grow and share the brand. 
  • I don’t even believe that most businesses  understand branding enough to take a whack at it. 
  • Sadly, I don’t believe that most businesses will even bother to listen to the blogosphere, let alone engage in it.

Are you brave enough to prove me wrong?  I sure hope so.

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2 comments on “2007 — My turn at offering a marketing prediction

  1. Mark True says:


    You’re not going out on much of a limb there, buddy 🙂 As we’ve discussed, we seem to be talking to each other here in the blogosphere. That’s not a bad thing because we’ve been able to grow a fantastic network of like thinkers with different sets of skills.

    I think there are a lot of lurkers out there who are brand mummies – employees who get brand, get excited about the power it has to propel their marketing and their organization and get squashed by people who DON’T get it whenever they try to implement brand-building ideas. In my old blog I suggested that these people need to get subversive and just make things happen. I hope your readers (and mine) will start making change at the grassroots level…and let management catch up when they see the positive change.



  2. Mark Mark,

    In the book Citizen Marketers, which I hightly recommend, they suggest that only 1% of the business world is blogging.

    Not that blogging is the end all and be all. But, it does suggest we have a long way to go.


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