Listen up! (How all companies should use blogs)

Images1_2 Despite a bazillion new blogs being started every day, business blogging still seems to be in its infancy.  Many companies are still wondering why they would need a blog.  And maybe they don’t.  Creating and maintaining a blog is not for everyone or every organization.  But that doesn’t mean blogging isn’t an important business tool.

You should use blogs to listen to your customers.  You’ll be amazed at what they’re saying.  Here are a couple links that say it better than I can.  Mike’s post tells you how to do it.  Tom’s two-parter will give you a remarkable example of how a company turned a rant into a rave…all by listening to blogs.

Mike Sansone’s How To Listen In post.

Tom Vander Well’s Real Life Example posts.  Part one.  And…part two.

Read…and learn.  And start to listen.

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4 comments on “Listen up! (How all companies should use blogs)

  1. Mike,

    And they’re easy to use. Did I mention it’s free? Companies pay a significant amount of money for clip services etc. Which are fine, but they are after the fact. This is immediate. And you can engage in conversation.

    Powerful stuff, in my opinion.


  2. Mike Sansone says:

    Great points. Your thoughts and to Tom’s story.

    Business people need to listen (read) about what’s being said about them, their industry and their clients. The tools are right here waiting to be used.

  3. Thanks for the link-love, Drew. I appreciate you picking up on it! You nailed it – while it’s not for everyone – there’s a ton of companies missing out.

  4. Tom,

    My pleasure. It was great to meet you in person. I hope I’ll see you at Panera U again soon!


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