Don’t forget the marketing basics

It's so easy to be mesmerized by all the marketing technology around us and forget about the marketing basics. But whether you're executing a traditional campaign or a digital one -- the marketing basics matter. My Italian grandma (who provided … [Continue reading]

How effective is your email marketing?

Email is still one of marketing's greatest tactics but how effective is your email marketing? It’s easy to understand the allure of email marketing. It’s cost effective (but not free), it’s easy to plan and execute in advance and very few people … [Continue reading]

Creative versus strategy

Creative versus strategy. For as long as I’ve been in advertising and marketing – there’s been that age-old tug of war.  Should advertising and marketing tools be creative/clever/funny/pretty or should the emphasis be on strategically driving the … [Continue reading]

Love advice is not good marketing advice

As we celebrated Valentine’s Day this month – there were many a cliché uttered in the name of love. I want you to remember that in most cases, they don’t work as well as marketing maxims. Love advice is not good marketing advice. In fact, in … [Continue reading]