Use social media to drive traffic to your business’ website

Social media is an ever-increasing facet of everyday business. Companies large (Starbucks) and small (your local car shop) are using social media to expand their exposure and reach a broad base of prospective consumers.

B2B marketers are now spending 30% of their budgets on social media programs, trying to reach, among others, the 21 million+ Twitter users  (per eMarketer). There are big audiences on social media for your company, and using some strategies are more effective than others.

Here are five strategies you can employ to promote your business website through social media.

Engage Directly with Consumers

To generate online conversations, businesses can engage customers and fans with photos, links and more from their blog or website. That conversation can lead to new product insights and customer service issues.

Maintain and Develop Visibility Among Your Consumer Base

Be visible with social media. Post links, pictures and video clips on social networks for your current and prospective customers. Your steady use of social media can help keep your business relevant and known, while gradually expanding exposure.

Target specialty audiences online with a microsite, which refers traffic to your main website. Create SEO marketing materials for direct sales through your primary domain via a website like MyHosting VPS hosting.

Generate Sales Referrals Through Social Media Platforms

Provide links to products or other pages that are likely to prompt consumers to make a purchase. The links you use, and the way you present them through your social media profiles, will have an impact on your business’ performance. Helpful tip: send tweets on your company’s various white papers, articles and case studies to encourage consumer interest in your company.

Data Collection and Analysis to Improve Operations Efficiency

When it comes to data, social media is a gold mine. Data analysis informs you of the size of your social media following, its growth rate and levels of engagement. You can also track total referrals to determine which social networks are most effective in generating new business. Look at these numbers for the percentage of referrals that lead to sales.

Use Feedback to Guide Future Efforts

As you gain insights from comments and data analysis, your internal teams should start to identify areas for improvement. Then you can implement solutions in your day-to-day operations.

By establishing a basic social media marketing approach, you can set yourself on the course to increased revenue and a much greater return on the investment into your website.

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9 comments on “Use social media to drive traffic to your business’ website

  1. Jake Parent says:

    It will be exciting to see where social media goes as it grows past its infancy – where people mostly just share information outward – and becomes a dynamic tool for community growth. It really does have the ability to revolutionize business by linking companies and their customers in a community of share value creation.

    In such a relationship consumers will be empowered and businesses will be able to engage their customers as researchers, innovators, and sales-people.

    Thanks for helping to lead the way!


  2. John Cameron says:

    Great tips. I appreciate them as I’m reworking my digital media strategy after a period of neglect.

  3. Sam Hamilton says:

    While I love social do you not find it hard to get your target market listening to your message?

    1. Sam,

      The more targeted the content, the more likely you are to attract the right audience. But you can’t sit back and wait for them to discover you. You need to go out to their world and connect with them there. Once you have a relationship with them — then invite them to enjoy your content too.


  4. Dave says:

    Thanks for the information Drew. Just getting started trying to use Social Networking for promotion. It feels strange posting to very few people when you don’t have much of an audience. But, I guess over time, it will grow.

  5. Nastassia A says:

    There is some useful information here. Visibility on social media is definitely important. The feedback you get on social media about products and services can help make improvements where it’s needed.

  6. I do — there’s a link to my Twitter account in the right column. My Twitter ID is drewmclellan

  7. Hazel says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. No more excuses for not getting to work immediately.

  8. Ryan Smith says:

    Thanks for one marvelous posting! I enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. Keep up the wonderful works on. I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

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