Content that your audience loves

I saw this on Scott Monty’s Facebook status…and loved it.  I couldn’t track down the creator but if I do, I’ll update the post.

Just wanted to give you something to chew on over the weekend.


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    This is great! I can see a direct correlation between this list and what content goes viral on Facebook.

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    I really like this Drew. What a great share! Not only does it ring true, but it’s very helpful to business bloggers. It reminds us that we need to ‘mix it up’ and add material with a different slant when it comes to engaging our audience. If we can touch all these bases, we’ll probably build a much better relationship with our target market. Really glad I saw this. Thanks!

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      Agreed — it’s a wake up call that it’s way too easy to get into a rut and a reminder that we can literally bore our audience away if we’re not careful.

      Glad you saw it too!


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    as I read this post, I can’t help but smile; I am really happy to see this blog. I know people love to hear when they are praised, they want to hear how they be successful and hear or READ some big secrets out there! But they never really want to hear they are wrong!

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    Really do love this and it gives us some great tips! I will keep this in mind when I am writing..I realize that I myself love to read blogs that challenge me in my thinking and my assumptions. Great post

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