Social media strategy workbook

On Monday, we kicked around the notion that while access to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter may be free — that doesn’t mean they’re cheap.  Especially, if you do it wrong.

I promised you a chance to download the social media strategy workbook that we’ve created at MMG as a guide to thinking through the why, who, how and whats of your social media strategy.

I’m a man of my word….so just fill out the little form below and we’ll get you your own copy (you have to confirm you want the workbook by clicking on the link you’ll be emailed).

After you’ve had a chance to look it over or better yet, begin to apply it to your organization — we’d love to hear from you on how it’s going.


  1. says

    The 1st 9 pages printed well. After turning the pages over, the 2nd 9 pages were all hash. Maybe my printer. Has any one else had similar issues?
    I’ll try again.

    • says


      I haven’t heard anyone else having printing problems. If you shoot me an email ( I will forward you another copy. let’s see if you have trouble with that file.


  2. Bill says

    Works fine for me – really nice, thank you


  3. Cheziannhe says

    Hi Drew…Thank you for the information you have shared here and I am sure this can help in marketing…Thank you!

  4. Veggie T. says

    Thanks for sharing this awesome SEO tool. I believe it’s very beneficial to SEO marketeers. Is this totally for free?

    Thanks again!


  5. Peter Bristol says

    I agree with you that even though the social networking sites are free, they are not cheap.
    I’m loving the workbook.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Trexcy says

    Great thing, there such a strategy like this… I know it will works and provides huge thing for all…

  7. says

    Thanks Drew for the social media workbook! It’s awesome, and I like the easy-feel format. After going through it, I was stoked to get going with some SEO action!

  8. Yronele says

    This is what I need Drew…Thank you for the information here…

  9. Lanaya says

    Having a good coach is a sure-fire way to help you get ahead with your business building.

  10. says

    I always love learning more about what I can do to better my team’s social media efforts. I have never seen an interactive workbook like this before and it’s exactly what I need. Thank you!

  11. Vivian73 says

    Social media has a huge factor for making things possible, thanks for sharing with us this great ideas and strategies…

  12. Dianna says

    I’m so excited to have a copy of this social media strategy workbook, I know that it will helps me to have an additional ideas about social media…

  13. Grey says

    Thanks for sharing with us this one of a kind strategy when linking with social media…

  14. Bianca says

    I love this kind of strategies here, there’s nothing more can be with social media new things…

  15. Crosby says

    Thanks for sharing with us this one of a kind strategies in dealing with social media effectively…

  16. Trexcy says

    It’s really nice to have this Social media strategy workbook, this can help me in dealing my self better at social media…

  17. Cley says

    It was a helpful one.. Thanks for sharing those strategies..

  18. armando says

    hi, i see the field for my name and email, but not the button to send it asking for the workbook… and i tested the page with safari and chrome on macos… could you send me the workbook?

  19. S. Long says

    No download, just a link back to this page…

    • says

      I checked…and your email is in the system. Which means you should have received a confirmation e-mail, saying that “yes indeed you did want the workbook.” Once you click on the link in that email, it will take you to the download page.

      Let me know if that isn’t what’s happening for you and we’ll figure out another way.


    • says


      I can’t just send you the link — you have to give me permission to do so. I’ve just sent you an email that if you click on the link, it will take you to the download page.


  20. says

    Another aspect to consider the amount of time that is spent on social media to build your brand or promote your content. It is far from free if you take this into account.

    • says

      You are very right. Access to the software may be free, but unless your time is worth nothing — the effort is definitely not free.


  21. says

    I seem to be in an endless loop of you requesting an email so you can send me a link and then getting a link that takes me back to the page that requests the same info …. Help! :-)

    • says

      Hey Mike,

      Sorry for the broken link or whatever seems to be keeping you from getting the workbook. I’ve got your email address, so I’ll fire it off to you.


  22. progku says

    I filled the form, and got message: “Mailing List Not Active”

    • says

      Sorry — we’re fixing it. Send me your email ( and I’ll just email it to you.


  23. says

    Hi Drew,

    There still seems to be problems with the form. I get a Mailing List Not Active – and no pdf.

    Can you help?

    • says

      Yes — thanks for the heads up. I will email it to you directly. Just shoot me an email ( with your email address.


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