Social Media Cheat Sheet 2012

As I travel the country, teaching people how to integrate social media into their marketing efforts — I often get asked — if I only have time to invest in one social media tool or site — which one is best?

Naturally, my answer is the definitive — it depends.  Accurate but not all that helpful.

Like any marketing tactic — the effectiveness of it is based on what you’re trying to accomplish.  Social is no different.  Which is why tools like the social media cheat sheet that you see to the right are so helpful.  (Originally created by back in 2010).

The criteria that they used to “grade” each tool were:

  • Customer communication
  • Brand Exposure
  • Traffic to your site
  • SEO

The cheat sheet has been updated.  I think you’ll find it very valuable as you access where you should spend your resources (time, money, attention) in the coming year.

You can download a full sized PDF by clicking here.

The tools they evaluate include the standards like Facebook and Twitter but the sheet includes 14 different sites including the likes of Pinterest (of course) and Reddit, Digg and Slideshare too.

You can also view the cheat sheet on the CMO site here.

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10 comments on “Social Media Cheat Sheet 2012

  1. Ken Burgin says:

    Thanks Drew – this is a terrific resource. Is there a version with the green, red and yellow colours? It would help understand the classification of each service…

    Cheers – Ken

    1. Hey Ken,

      For some reason this year, they didn’t build the chart in a way that I could capture the color when making a PDF. But if you go to the website (the link is in the post) you can see it in full color.


  2. Lois says:

    This is really cool, an optimizing social media cheat sheet 2012 which more fascinating version and surely be the best…

  3. Nicole says:

    amazing and fantastic information is very helpful and accommodating.thanks for this post!

  4. Joey says:

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks, Drew. I completely agree with the previous comments – this is a great resource, and I love this updated version!

  6. This is great – thanks for posting! We are on Twitter and Facebook, and we even created a Google+ page a few weeks ago. We’re not on YouTube yet – what are your thoughts on that? Worth it?

    1. There’s no right or wrong answer to that. If you have some compelling content you can package into videos that would be helpful or useful — then yes, it could be great. I assume you are involved in the building trade, so some how to videos or check this or that for trouble type videos could be really valuable.


  7. Thanks for sharing this! This chart is definitely helpful and a good resource.

  8. John says:

    Great infographic…I am definately guilty of getting lost in the social media jungle, trying to “be everywhere”, but not giving enough focus to any of my social media accounts that I actually see results.

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