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Why Facebook matters to every business

September 21st, 2011 · 13 Comments · Media, Social Media, Strategy


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Why Facebook matters to every business


I’ve heard all the reasons, especially from B2B companies…but the “our customers aren’t on Facebook” excuse is just that, an excuse.

We buy radio stations and send direct mail hoping to hit some of our target audience.  Why do we look at Facebook so differently?

With statistics (thanks to HubSpot for sharing this slide) like these… every business owner and marketing director should be figuring out how to leverage the Facebook crowd.

I’m not saying you need a fan page.  Or have to do a contest or create a game.  I’m saying you’d better understand what happens there.  You’d better be monitoring what is being said about your company there.

You need to decide HOW to be there.  But you can’t ignore it simply because you have a preconceived idea of who hangs out there.

Odds are… it’s your customers.  And they hang out there a lot.


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  • Web Designing Company

    Facebook actually don’t matter in every business but it matters in those business who relates to Social Media and Media types.

  • Andy @ FirstFound

    Thanks for this Drew. I can’t believe people still think their customers don’t use Facebook. 750 million people are on Facebook.

    If there’s a business out there that doesn’t appeal to any of those 750,000,000 people, I’d be incredibly surprised.

  • Snap-Marketing | Website Design Reading

    I am still not convinced that every business should be on Facebook – it just depends on where their customers are and interact – our engineering client has no need for facebook.

  • John U

    Nowadays every business little or big has a facebook profile …. I found out about two days ago that a mustard has a facebook profile…. Really helpfull to make contact with customers…

  • Mae Loraine Jacobs 

    John U is right. Almost every business in the world is in Facebook. The problem is only a handful of them really know how to make the most out of their presence there. So many end up wasting hours compelling non-target markets to like their page.
    Mae Loraine Jacobs  recently posted..Who’s Who in the Mobile Internet IndustryMy Profile

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