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  • Cyndi Papia

    Nice roundup…..I never noticed that on some of them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Philip Schultz

    That is so cool about how there are hidden items in the logo to make it really stand out. I honestly have seen all of them thousands of times but never one bothered to really look at any one in particular. Definitely a great way to nab someones attention.

  • Al Pittampalli

    I could look at these all day. The best logos are like that. Not sure of the specific business value they provide, but if we sit here and marvel at them like we do, they have to have value, probably extraordinary value. My favorite ever is the Yoga Australia logo.

  • Nick Westergaard

    Drew — What a good way to make a great point. The Milwaukee Brewers one is a favorite of my dad’s. It’s funny – I didn’t see the arrows in the FedEx logo for years but now that’s *all* I see. — NHW

    • Drew McLellan


      Agreed — it’s like those “find the picture inside the picture” games. Once you have seen it, it’s impossible to go back to your ignorance.


  • Amelia @ International Business

    LOL… I was really amazed by the FedEx optical illusion. I’ve been using Fedex as my carrier for almost 10 years now and I’ve never spotted the arrow before, until now.

    Logos really identifies a business. In fact, it is synonymous to its brand name.
    Amelia @ International Business recently posted..How do I pass on cost savings to my customers and still make a profitMy Profile

    • Drew McLellan


      I am guessing most people have never seen the arrow. Like I asked Philip, do you think that’s smart or would they have been better off to make it more obvious?


  • Andrew

    I knew about some of those “hidden” messages, but didn’t realize so many companies do it. I know for at least a few that it doesn’t really matter if the customers know about it, but it is a source of pride for the employees.

    • Drew McLellan


      I think the layered logos are very clever but if they don’t communicate something about the brand — then they’re cool for the sake of being cool. Which doesn’t help the organization at all. You make a good point though — it may be a source of great internal pride, which is brand building on its own.


  • Kevin Wade

    Of all of those logos, the Milwaukee Brewers logo caught me the most off guard.

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