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I’ve been writing about and using QR codes quite a bit of late.  I think the potential of this technology is staggering and we’ve only begun to imagine what is possible.

Take a look at what New York City’s Central Park did last Arbor Day and begin to ask yourself… how could QR codes serve my customers, my employees and my business’ growth.  I suspect you’ll find some pretty fascinating answers.

If you’re wondering who in the world is actually scanning QR codes and using the links — check out this infographic.

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      I agree — I thought it was really well done and very engaging. And when you look at it — mostly just websites and some video links. So not horribly expensive to produce, either.


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    We’ve been using QR codes for our clients for some time. But how do you create those cool QR codes that has a logo or text incorporated into the middle of it?

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    I first saw QR codes about 3 months ago and have been seeing a considerable increase in them ever since. I shouldn’t really be doing this, but if I see a QR code on a piece of ID submitted to my company I automatically give it more credit as being legitimate. I’ve even been asked what they are by colleagues; people are seeing them but don’t know what they are.

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    I fully agree with you: “the potential of this technology is staggering and we’ve only begun to imagine what is possible.”

    I’ve been blogging a bit about QR Codes myself lately. I just can’t get enough of them!

    Thanks for your post!

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    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Just got introduced to QR codes. I am using a dynamic qr code generator that allows you to change link or info in the code without changing the code itself. It’s neat.

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    I love seeing how other people are implementing QR Codes. I just wish I could see one implementation that targets small businesses of a non-technical nature. What good are QR Codes if none of my clients even know what they are?
    I wrote an article not to long ago about just that. I would love to hear some responses or ideas.

    Dennis Edmondson Jr
    Computing Concepts LLC
    link to

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    We are excited that people are starting to see the value of QR codes. This is a perfect example of our front-end “3E philosophy” educate, entertain & engage. Mobile will take any advertiser to a local neighborhood, home or store. High price ad media just got a whole lot cheaper through localized media segmentation. When you are able to segment with real-time data / conversation the possibilities are endless.

    This is our distribution:
    link to

    All the best,

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    I love QR codes but it seems a shame that most of us are just putting a link to a website in these codes. The best use I have seen of them so far is a company adding a recipe in the code, I know it’s something simple but it makes things a little more interesting

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    Great Idea!
    Another wonderful idea I read is a car wash fundraiser where all of the washers wore t-shirts that had a QR code for donation printed on them. No cash needed!

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    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I have a question, when encoded information either url or text message is too long, the dots in the code become very crowded. Should it be a concern? For long URL, I first shorten it then create a QR code. For text messages, you can’t do much, right?

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      Sure — URL shorteners will work just fine. A text message can’t be shortened as far as I know. If you find out that there is a way — please come bck and share it.


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    World park is a beautiful idea and a brilliant use of QR codes. I use QR codes in a board game I invented called Prison Gang Game. Not quite as family friendly as World Park, but I think pretty innovative. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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    What an excellent and innovative use of QR codes and augmented reality, just goes to show that you only need to be creative to make a success of something :)

    Thanks for giving me a few ideas of my own.

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    The NYC Worldpark project served as the inspiration and motivation for our city’s Palm Coast QR Code project at Graham Swamp…Trek It Out!
    link to

    We’re now expanding installations into other parks. Drew, thank you for your story!

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