Fascinating Facebook infographic

I think there are few on this planet who don’t recognize that the Facebook phenomenon is staggering in its reach and sheer volume of people.  (One guy just named his baby Facebook!) But it’s hard to not gape at some of these numbers (from SocialHype and OnlineSchools.org) These user statistics are more social proof that this beast is not a fad.

Hard to imagine that there’s not a smart way for every single business to use this tool.  Are you using it?

Are We Obsessed with Facebook?
Via: Online Schools

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  1. says

    When we started a fb promotion with wildfire, they said the fb number was closer now to 800 millions with almost 200 million twitter users. Are we using social media? We’re getting better.

    • says


      FB’s numbers are growing so rapidly, I suppose it could be up to 800 million by now!


      • says

        Facebook is up to 600 million global users. They just announced it in February when they celebrated their 7th birthday.

  2. says

    The math is completely wrong on one of these stats:

    “There are 206.2 million Internet users in the US. That means 71.2% of the web audience is on Facebook.”

    Actually, that means 71.2% of Americans are on the Internet. If there’s an additional statement that should have gone in there (like the number of US Facebook users), then the 71% statement is correct. Otherwise, the statement equates Internet use to Facebook use, but not everyone on the Internet uses Facebook.

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      Yup, you’re correct. I am guessing the creators of the infographic have been told as well but you never know.

      I’ll let them know as well.


  3. says

    This is actually why facebook is one of the most effective ways of doing social media marketing. It has 500 Million users and that is too much for a puny little marketer like me! But to have a back up for my marketing I use other tools like advancedwebads’ unlimited banner impressions and clicks service.

  4. Hayley Harrison says

    I really didn’t know most of this information was like this. I knew it was a big hit, but damn!!! So many people on facebook nowadays. I know I am in the college demographic, and I see my friends sitting next to me in class, and on there smart phones, checking facebook. I take 4 classes at my university, and in every single class, without a doubt their will be someone on their computer on facebook.

    • says


      I’m out of the college demo by a long shot but in many meetings I’m in, someone is checking FB as well!


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