How social media has changed my world

96432322 When I get into a conversation about social media — one of the questions people ask is "how do you find the time?"  The truth is…I can't afford not to find the time.  It's simply a part of my life/routine now.

Why?  Because like the other things that are a part of my life — it matters. 

It adds value. 

Deborah Chaddock Brown recently wrote a post about the 7 things she loves about social media.  She then asked a few of us to do the same.  

(By the way…I'm pretty sure you could make the exact same 7 statements.  If you couldn't — I challenge you to figure out how to change that ASAP.)

Thanks to social media, I'm smarter:  Never before have I had more information at my fingertips.  And when I have a question or want more — I just comment and voila, I get more. 

Thanks to social media, I'm better connected:  Social media removes artificial barriers. Bloggers, Tweeters, authors, experts — all willing to pick up their phone, answer an e-mail or fire back a text.  Incredible. 

Thanks to social media, I'm more informed:  Different from smart — this is about immediacy.  Remember when we had to wait for the evening news?  That seems so archaic now. 

Thanks to social media, I'm speaking across the country:  Sure, I was doing this before social media…but now it's much easier. Conferences and event organizers find me rather than me having to market myself to them.  I'm not longer a stranger — I'm Drew from the Marketing Minute blog.

Thanks to social media, I'm an author/editor of 3 additional books:  Age of Conversation I, II and soon to be released III.  If I had not met my friend (and co-editor) Gavin Heaton from Australia — it would have never happened.  Not to mention meeting the 200+ authors from all three editions.

Thanks to social media,I'm more accessible:  I love that people reach out to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, via e-mail and sometimes — just pick up the phone.  There's probably not a city in the world where I couldn't travel and find a reader, collaborator and SM friend to grab a drink or get help if I needed it.

Thanks to social media, I've met all of you:  I can't imagine not knowing you.  Or not seeing you at a conference and getting a huge hug.  Or getting a direct tweet with a question or atta boy now and then.  

Social media has not only changed my world… it has rocked my world! 

Thanks for being part of the ride!

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