Your cobbler’s kids should have kick-a** shoes

80835024 The internet is a wonderful thing.  It allows anyone with a connection to create a virtual storefront.  It brings parity to the marketplace.  The little guys can compete with the big guys.  Excellent.

But what if the little guy (or the big guy for that matter) doesn’t have a clue?

The reality is that the internet has lowered the barriers for entry for just about every service business out there.  But it also means that just because it looks like a business, doesn’t mean it’s so.

I think the old adage…the cobbler’s children have no shoes is a really dangerous excuse in today’s marketplace.  And it’s a buyer beware world for all of us.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hire a financial planner who lives paycheck to paycheck.  I don’t want to hire a marketing firm who hasn’t created buzz for their own agency.  I don’t want to hire a personal trainer who is 40 pounds overweight and I don’t want to hire a business blog coach who has 137 subscribers to their own blog.

In today’s age of "insta-pop up" businesses where the assumption is if you have a website or blog, you must be legit — we have to be even more discerning than ever before.

If they have not done it for themselves, why in the world would you think they can do it for you?