I didn’t expect you

Picture_1 Two years ago today, I clicked on the “publish now” button here at Drew’s Marketing Minute for the first time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I figured I’d write and sometimes, someone would read.  Maybe a comment or two.  It was a grand experiment and I was flying without a net.

Now, 760 posts later — boy, did I write.  With 3,200+ subscribers, I guess you did some reading and with a whopping 5,526 comments as I write this — man, did you talk back!

I don’t really know how to say this without sounding a little goofy — but I am humbled by your presence here.  I know how busy you are.  I know how many excellent marketing blogs there are.  And still you come.  I didn’t expect you.

And thank goodness you showed up!  Do you realize what we’ve done together in these two years?  We’ve sparked ideas, we’ve raised issues, we critiqued, applauded and even gotten a little weepy once or twice.

We co-wrote Giving College Grads a Fighting Chance and invited the world to download it for free.

We created the resource — New Blogger’s Toolbox and loaded it with great blogs and teachers for the novice blogger.

Together, we launched Age of Conversation and raised about $14,000 at last count for Variety, the Children’s Charity.  And as crazy as we are…we’re about to do it again!

We created Blogger’s Social and literally brought the world to NYC for a weekend of laughter, hugging and some crazy hats.

But above all, we connected.  For me anyway, this has gone way beyond just writing about marketing and branding.  Just like we preach — by just being here and being yourselves, sharing with gusto, and creating a welcoming place for others to join us — together, we created a community.

I’ve talked to many of you on the phone or via e-mail.  I’ve met you for coffee, for a beer, for dinner or for a laugh.  We’ve skyped, ooVoo’d, texted and traded guest posts.

And in some cases, we’ve shared a weekend or a moment.  And they’ve all been remarkable.  From this grand experiment, I’ve gained so much.  But what I value the most is you.

Thank you for sharing this space with me for the past two years.  I really didn’t expect you.  But man, am I glad you showed up!

Here’s a little and very incomplete pictorial view of some of the people this blog has brought into my life.  I’m grateful beyond measure.


Pictured…Luc Debaisieux, CK, Gavin Heaton, Lori Magno


Pictured…Connie Reece & me


Pictured…Me, Sandy Renshaw, Tom Vander Well, Timothy Johnson, Mike Sansone, Terry Starbucker and Mike Wagner


Pictured…me & Roberta Rosenberg


Pictured…Todd And & me


Pictured…Anna Farmery & me

Just like the marketing lesson you’re probably sick of hearing me preach — in the end, it’s about the relationship.   Again, thank you so much for being a part of this blog.  I didn’t expect you. But I love that you’re here!