Steve Farber’s new book comes packed with a challenge

When people ask me about the benefits of blogging, I can recite quite a list.  But one of the top items on that list is the amazing people I can now call my friends, thanks to meeting them via the blogosphere.

I loved Steve Farber’s books long before we became friends.  At MMG, we give his books as gifts.  We practice his LEAP philosophy at the office and I strive every day to be an extreme leader. 

So, I’m elated that book #3, Greater Than Yourself, has a launch date.  (March 3, 2009 but you can already pre-order a copy.)  I remember talking to Steve about this book at SOBCon ’07 and knowing that it was going to take his writing to a completely different level.  And by default, give us the opportunity to take ourselves to a completely different level along with him.  (check out this sneak peek of the book)

Here’s a little video clip of Steve talking about the core premise of his book and even more important — his challenge to us.

Steve’s other books (which I HIGHLY recommend)

Radical Leap
Radical Edge

I’m curious — have you read Steve’s books?  Did they have impact?  Make you see something in a new way?  Change a behavior?

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