Putting out the welcome mat

Welcome Today begins my family's annual pilgrimage to the mouse house!  That's right, we're Disney bound. 

Last year, you'll remember that I wrote a series of posts about the magic of Disney marketing.  (You can download the PDF)  This year, I decided to take a break and really enjoy the down time.  But I didn't want to leave you high and dry.  So, I invited some of my smartest marketing blogger friends to pinch hit. 

Every day, there will be at least one new post from a marketing blogger that you are going to love.  They're going to cover everything from social media to cold calling.

Enjoy their wit and wisdom.  And behave yourselves — we have guests in the house! (was that my dad's voice I just heard?)

My biggest fear is that you're going to love them so much you're going to start a collection basket to keep me in FL!

You're going to love them….and to my guest bloggers — a sincere thank you for stepping up, especially over a holiday week.

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    Hope you have a great time at WDW. I really need to get down that way next year.

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    Thanks….so far we’re having a blast. Even better…it snowed 4+ inches in Iowa today. Who doesn’t love that?!

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