Be the $10,000 buyer!

Conversation_cover_2 Less than 2 months ago, 103 hopeful authors and two neophyte publishers (yours truly and the always brilliant Gavin Heaton) launched Age of Conversation.

Our goals were pretty simple:

  • Get exposure for all the authors
  • Provide quality content
  • Explore what the "age of conversation" meant
  • Do something together that would eclipse what any of us would do alone

and the biggie — raise money for Variety, the Children's Charity.  We set $10,000 as our first target for funds raised.

<60 days later….we have sold 1,274 books and raised $9,997.60.  WHO will put us over the top?  Can we get to our $10,000 goal before September 16th, the 2 month anniversary of the launch?

Whoever buys a book (e-mail me the receipt) between now and September 16th will be profiled on the Age of Conversation blog and no doubt, will get plenty of link love from the authors.

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