Thank you for joining in the choir!

Picture_1 Ever since I was a kid, I have loved a great church choir.  You know the kind I mean.  They shout and stomp and clap and sing and rock out the house.  Every single singer brings something to the party.  They bring their passion, and their belief and their energy.

That’s how I feel about all of you.  The people who read this blog.  The people who take the time to turn the monologue into a conversation.  The commenters.  I told you when I hit 1,000 comments that "the comments are the interaction.  The comments are the conversation.  The comments are why I blog."

Last week, we crossed the threshold to 2,000 comments.  Together.  Roberta Rosenberg, the Copywriting Maven left the fateful 2,000th thought and as is now my tradition, I have invited her to write a guest post which will be coming shortly.

My blog will be 10 months old in another week or so.  I’ve made lots of mistakes.  I’ve done a few things I’m pretty proud of.  But nothing means more to me than the fact that you keep coming back.  And talking back.

Thank you to all commenters, including the following:

Aaron M. Potts, Adam Kayce, Adam Steen, Adrian Lee, Adriana, Al, Aldian Prakoso, Alex Bellinger, Alvin Borromeo, Amy, Amy HVG, Andrew Clark, Andy Beard, Andy Brudtkuhl, Andy Drish, Ann Handley, ann michael, Anna Farmery, Anne Simons, Art Dinkin, basketer, Becky, Becky Carroll, Becky McCray, Becky-Joe, Beth, Bob Glaza, Bob LeDrew, Brett Duncan, Brett Rogers, Brett TroutBrian Clark, Bryan Person, C. B. Whittemore, Cam Beck, Caroline Melberg, Carolyn Manning, Char, Charles Brown, Charlie, Charlie, Chris Brown, Chris Clarke, Chris Cree, chris gribble, Chris Kieff, Chris Punke, CK, Christopher, Trottier, Chuck, Claire Celsi, Claire Walter, Connie Reece, Copywriting Services, Cord Silverstein, Cory Garrison, Craig Harper, Dan, Dan Scwabel, Darren, David Airey, David Armano, David Berkowitz, David Brazeal, David Dalka, David Koopmans, David Meerman Scott, David Reich, Dawud Miracle, Delaney Kirk, Dennis Bjørn Petersen, Derek Tutschulte, Donna Konley, DotMySpot, Doug, Doug Karr, Doug Meacham, Douglas Mitchell, Dustin Jacobsen, Easton Ellsworth, Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Saunders, Eric Brown, Erin Blaskie, Fran, Gavin Heaton, gianandrea facchini, Graham HillGuy Kawasaki, Hannah, Heather Gallegos, Helen, Howie, Irene, Jaap Steinvoorte, Jack Hayhow, Jackie Cameron, Jackie Shervington, Jake Nudge, Jamie Shiels, Jane, Jane Greer, Janet Green, Janice, Jaynie, Jeff, Jeff Morris, Jennifer Espeland, Jessica Colleen, Jeremy, Jim Durbin, Jim Kukral, Jim Lane, Jim Tobin, Jim D Walton, Joan Schramm, Joe Raasch, John, John Dawson, Kami Huyse, Kammie K., Katie Cummings, Katie Konrath, Kevin Dugan, Kevin Hillstrom, Kim Klaver, Kirsten Harrell,, Kristin Gorski, Larry Lehmer, Leesa Barnes, Leslie Tane, Lewis Green, Lisa, Liz Strauss, Lord Matt, Lori Grant, Lori Magno, Mack Collier, Madena M Burman, Marie, Mario Sundar, Mario Vellandi, Mark Goren, Mark True, Martin Jellsema, Mary Schmidt, Matt Dickman, Matt Hamilton, Matt Heverkamp, Michael Libbie, Michael Morton, Michael Wagner, Mike Pearce, Mike Sigers, Mike Sansone, Mike Smock, mindblob, mitch matthews, Nathan, Nancy, Nancy, Neil Sanderson, Nicholas GillNick Darling, Nick Rice, Nikole Gipps, Pat McGraw, Patrick, Patrick Schaber, Paul Enderson, Paul McEnany, Pete Deutschman, Phil Gerbyshak, Ray Edwards, rishi, Roberta Rosenberg, Robert Hruzek, Robyn McMaster, Roger Anderson, Roger von Oech, Rosa Say, Rush Nigut, Ryan Barrett, Ryan Healy, Ryan Karpeles, Sacrum, Sam Beckwith, Sandy Renshaw, Scott Monty, Scott Townsend, Sean Carter, Sean Howard, Sean Woodruff, Seth Godin, Sham, Sharon Sarmiento, Shaping Youth, Sherry Borzo, Simon, Stephanie Weaver, Stephen Denny, Ste ve Farber, Steve Harper, Steve Miller, Steve  Roesler, Steve Sisler, Steve Woodruff, Susan Gunelius, Susan F. Heywood, Susan Martin, Susan Weiner, Sustainable is Good, T.J., Terra Anderson, Terry Starbucker, Thomas R. Clifford, Tim Jackson, Timothy L Johnson, Toby Bloomberg, Todd And, Tom Guarriello, Tom Swartwood, Tom Vander Well, Tony D. Clark, Tshombe, Uwe Hook, V. Michael Santoro, Valeria Maltoni, Vernon Lun

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