Help me build a new blogger toolbox

Blogtoolbox As fresh faces leap into the blogging waters faster than we can count them, it occurred to me that it’s in everyone’s best interest (and just good manners) to offer a helping hand to the neophytes.  We’re helping clients launch blogs on a regular basis and for many of them, these is new territory.

But I need your help.  Someone helped you…now it’s our turn!

I’m going to compile a master list/separate blogroll of blog sites that a new blogger should visit, explore and study.  Here are my thoughts on how this might work.  (Think of this as an evolution of the z-list)

1) Anyone who is interested, create a post listing a few blog sites (and maybe give a word or two as to how you’d categorize them) that:

  • Are chock full of practical tips
  • Act as a living lab on how to write compelling blog posts
  • Demonstrate how to build a community
  • Teach marketing tools
  • Are welcome wagons – bloggers who spotlight newbies

2) If you want, use the photo above as the graphic – great, gotta love consistency

3) Link back to this post, so I can find yours and add it to the master list

4) If you think its of value to your readers — why not grab the list before yours and just top it off with your new additions

5) Encourage your readers to do #1-4

Okay, I’ll kick off the list with these…

New Bloggers Toolbox

CK’s blog (compelling blog post examples)
Viral Garden  (demonstrate how to build a community)
Lonely Marketer (teach marketing tools)
Successful & Outstanding Blogs (bloggers who spotlight newbies)

This is not a “if you’re tagged, jump in” sort of thing.  If you know of some great resources…jump in.  If you got named — please, by all means jump in too!

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