Why I blog

There are so many important business reasons why I blog.  It’s good for McLellan Marketing Group, it’s good for my career and its good for our clients.

But most of all, it is good for my soul.  This weekend, I spent a day with my good friends (from left to right) Lewis Green, Luc Debaisieux (Mindblob), me, David Reich and the two lovely ladies in the front row, CK and Valeria Maltoni.


We laughed, we talked and we shared.  Interestingly, there was very little talk about blogging. 

We came together to honor the life and spirit of Sandra Kerley but in the end, we honored her and so much more. 

We honored each other, we honored genuine affection and we honored friendships borne in distance and with words that have since outgrown that boundary and now are simply deep friendships with no other explanation or description required.


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15 comments on “Why I blog

  1. Very cool Drew! I’m looking forward to meeting Valeria one of these days too!

    What a happy good-looking bunch of people!

  2. It was nice talking with you on the phone. CK sounded very, very happy. Nice job of spear-heading this effort, Drew.

  3. David Reich says:

    Drew, it really was a special afternoon. You are right — blogging is good for the soul when you can connect with good people and form friendships.

    So glad you made the trip into New York.

  4. Phil,

    You will find her fascinating and insightful, I assure you!


  5. Roger,

    I think it actually took several hours for all of it to sink in. But we all did a very good thing for very good reasons.

    And it was wonderful — for any reason — to be in the company of these remarkable people. I’m glad you could call in.


  6. David,

    I’m glad we got here as well. It came off flawlessly, thanks to your leg work. Thank you so much for helping pull it off!


  7. CK says:

    It’s still sinking in! It’s like I’m floating. I just can’t get over what a *perfect* sanctuary that park is. They are sooo rare in NYC. It’s so very special. I just want to bring EVERYone to it.

    I forgot to tell you this as, well, I’ve been so darn overhwhelmed. Being me, I had this action list I ran across from the week of the funeral and that last action point was to “trust that I’ll feel her again” as that is what has been most bothering me. And now I swear I’m feeling her spirit again. She’d love this tree so much. She would just love that park. And I just love you soulful bloggers.

  8. Drew:

    It was really nice to meet your family as well. NY is a special place to come together from different cities. I’ve been thinking a lot about place lately. I am really glad we could all join in and be with CK. Truly special and inspiring — will post later today.

    Phil, we shall meet at some point. I’m a true believer that relationships are a contact sport.

  9. How awesomely and perfectly beautiful for CK.

  10. mindblob says:

    Dear Drew,

    Coming a little late on your post, but still with the strong positive perception and feel of this unique day (as if it was yesterday). You have been so generous to all of us, giving your time, energy… heart into this project. I will never forget this as I will never forget meeting you and your family.

    We are so pleased this extra-ordinary intention pleased CK so much (thank YOU, Drew). I just can’t think of a better way to honor CK’s Momma, CK and Melissa. Being there and sharing these genuine emotions with you was a real honor for me.

    You are right and your comment on CK’s blog still resonates in my mind : “it is all about heart”. Well, you do have quite an extraordinary one! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    From the other side of the Atlantic (not so far away),
    your friend.

  11. CK —

    Ahhh, now that is music to my ears. If our group gesture to plant that tree helped you re-connect with your mom’s spirit, that’s the best gift of all.

    We knew when we found it that it was your mom’s kind of place.


  12. Lewis,

    Me too. What a remarkable blessing to be able to share a friendship that makes this aspect of our business lives so much more than just about business.


  13. C.B. —

    You know in reality, we gained as much. When you have a friend who is hurting and who suffered a loss — you just want so badly to touch them, to help them heal, to find a way to actually have impact.

    So when we decided to do this…it was as much to heal our hurting hearts as it was for CK.

    It was quite the day.


  14. Luc,

    Not so far away at all, my friend. I can’t tell you how cool it was for all of us that you found your way over to share the day with us.

    I will never forget CK’s reaction when she realized it was you.

    A day we’ll all remember with great fondness for a long time to come, I know. But even better — not the only time we will be together. I look forward to the next time very much.


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