Good customer service can be MAGIC!

Picture_3 When you experience incredible customer service, it feels magical doesn’t it?

And isn’t bad customer service a teeth-gritting frustration?

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Care about the customer. Own their problem.  Make them feel welcome. And yet, so few seem to get it.  And when they do — we trumpet it to the world.  We herald them for being brilliant marketers.

How sad is that?  That the simple courtesy of creating a positive buying experience is so remarkable that we react that way.  But it is.  And we do.

There’s a new book out that addresses this issue in a very compelling, hands on learning sort of way.  How to Talk to Customers, Create a Great Impression Every Time with MAGIC is the newest offering of Diane Berenbaum and Tom Larkin.

The book is a quick, entertaining read.  It tells some incredible stories of customer service do’s and don’ts.  It focuses on one critical aspect of customer service.  The conversations your employees have with customers every day.  The authors have based the book on their customer service training program MAGIC which stands for Make A Great Impression on the Customer.

But once you’re inside the book, you’ll discover they have attached a different and more meaty meaning to the same acronym.

M — Make a connection: Build the relationship
A — Act Professionally: Express Confidence
G — Get to the Heart of the Matter:  Listen and Ask Questions.
I — Inform and clarify what you will do
C — Close with the relationship in mind

One of the nicest features of the book are their MAGIC Maxims at the end of every chapter.   They provide a nice summary of the key points of that chapter.  There are also many "hands on exercises" that are worth thinking through and trying.

Good customer service. Seems like it should be a duh but it sure isn’t.  If you don’t read this book and get some new ideas, make some changes and see an improvement in how you and your team deal with customers…then you weren’t paying attention.

You can also check out the authors and their customer service training and consulting company, Communico at their corporate website.

And added bonus — the authors know something about delivering an enjoyable customer experience.  The book is a fun and entertaining read. You’ll hardly notice that you’re learning something!

Is improving your customers’ experience worth $18?  Buy the book.

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