Do you go where everyone else goes?

When you’re planning on marketing to a specific audience — do you go where everyone else goes?  In other words, if all your competitors advertise in a specific trade pub or in Times Square, do you go there too?  Or do you think it’s smarter to find a quieter street corner?

If you decide to go where all the noise is — how do you make sure you get heard? 

If you decide to go to the quieter street corner, how do you make sure the audience knows you’re even there?

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5 comments on “Do you go where everyone else goes?

  1. Sean Howard says:

    Wow. What a CRAZY CRAZY panorama shot.

    And to think they are trying to rebuild Times Square here. Sigh.

  2. David,

    It is a remarkable place, that’s for sure. Thanks for starting the faces meme. I look forward to seeing what others do with it!


  3. Sean,

    Andthat’s just one partial block. Times Square literally goes on for several blocks. I was thinking as we drove down one of the main drags today in a cab how insane it is. And…how LOUD you have to be, in terms of advertising to get noticed.

    I mean, how do you top a five story plasma screen? Well, they are all trying. How about plasma screens that span an entire block, along the exterior of a buiding. Sorry — already been done.

    It sort of makes my head hurt.


  4. Drew,
    Every time I’m in Times Square, I’m blown away by he stimulus. I always wonder how much the ads cost and if they’re doing any good.

    If someone could answer your question, there probably wouldn’t be a need for us marketers anymore!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Pat,

    I know. As we’ve wandered these streets over the past few days, I am struck by the mental and visual overload. Each sign, billboard and building louder and vivid than the next.

    Today, I wondered what someone could do that would actually stand out. Not only are the visuals big…but they are everywhere. 10-20 stories high, around every corner, stacked upon each other.

    It’s visual craziness. And I can’t remember with any sense of detail one thing that I’ve seen.



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