Want to know the SOBCon secret?



As one of the presenters at the SOBCon event next month, I was invited to do a brief interview about the conference and got to talk about what I think is the coolest aspect of the whole weekend.

I call it the SOBCon secret because it’s what the conference is all about.  It demonstrates the heart and the difference in this event.  Of course, to find out what it is, you’ll need to listen.

Even more fun for me, I was interviewed by Des Moines own Mike WagnerMike is one of my two (Mike Sansone is the other) co-presenters at the event.

There’s still time to register and join in the sharing, learning and join Mike, Mike and me and all the other SOBCon attendees.


Special thanks to Zane Safrit for hosting the podcast series.

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