I dare you not to love this

Picture_4 Picture this.  You dial your mobile phone.  You speak for half a minute.  Those sentences get e-mailed to your e-mail address. 

Or your client. Or your employee.   Or an intact team.  Or your spouse. 

It’s like instant dictation.  But not only does it get typed, it gets delivered. 

Brilliant.  I predict Jott.com is going to be the breakout of 2007.  Here’s how I’m going to use it:

  • Dictate notes from meetings and send them to myself for a record.  Jott it.
  • I’m pulling out of a client’s parking lot and send a note to our Project Manager about opening a new job.  Jott him.
  • Forget milk?  Never again.  Jott me.
  • Have a breakthrough idea while waiting to board a plane — jott my entire staff before I forget said idea.  Jott the team.
  • Want to remind my daughter to do XYZ but she’s  going to get home before I do. Jott her.
  • See someone across the way at Panera and want to remember to call them in a week or so. Jott me.
  • Have forgotten to grab a book from the office 3 times. Jott me.
  • All the stuff that I try to write down before I forget it. Jott me.  Jott me. Jott me.

Ah yes…and on every e-mail there’s a link so I (or whoever gets jotted) can listen to the audio file.

You can’t tell me this wouldn’t be helpful to you too. Come on, admit it. You’re going to Jott.

I will give the geniuses at Jott the last word.


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21 comments on “I dare you not to love this

  1. Andy Drish says:

    Drew- This is amazing! I think I’m going to be playing with this all night long. I just can’t believe the service is free… Do you expect it to stay that way?

    BTW – Are you feeling any better?

  2. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing. The group email thing is a good idea. I don’t always have a pen and paper handy, plus it’s easier to quick reference later if we’re already going to our inbox

  3. Promise Drew you ARE going to make it to his next Branding Breakfast? Jott it.

  4. David Reich says:

    I think you’re right, Drew. This could be big. As long as it’s easy to use and as long as whatever commercial messages that actually pay for it are not intrusive.

    I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Sherry Borzo says:

    You know this techno universe just keeps expanding. It’s like living “The Secret” on high energy fuel. This is way too fun to use and I see a lot of application potential. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a cool product. But, like twitter it is vulnerable to the classic spoof hack.


  7. Renee says:

    This is great! I’ll take this over twitter any day! Thanks for keeping me in the know. I’ll be sure to pass this along!

  8. Drew – I’m hooked on Jott. I use it all the time!

  9. ann michael says:

    I used to record messages or leave myself voice mails – this is so cool!!!

    (Now Twitter is nice and all, but I can REALLY see a use for this!)

  10. Paul McEnany says:

    I just started using Jott a couple weeks ago. I friggin’ love it!

  11. Doug Meacham says:

    This is the coolest thing. Told my 13-year old daughter about it and she and her friends have spent the whole evening Jotting each other. Something really big here! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Andy — I knew you’d love it! It is the perfect compliment to your digital voice recorder! And I am feeling better, thank you.


  13. Mario — agreed, the group send is really a great tool. We’re testing it to see if it’s a good way to get work back to the shop faster after meetings.


  14. Cory,

    Maybe you’d better send that one twice!


  15. David,

    I think that is the question of the day — what’s the catch. It will be interesting to see how they evolve it past the free model.

    But for now — it is excellent!


  16. Andy — leave it to you to be in the know!

    Renee — I still love my Twitter but this is practical and for work. Twitter is just for fun!


  17. Pat,

    How long have you been using jott? Did you find or see any info about how they are going to fund it, long-term?


  18. Ann,

    No one leaves me more messages than me! That’s why this appealed to me so much. It’s a very functional, make my life a little easier tool.

    It’s a way for me to clear my brain but know I’ve captured the information some place.


  19. Paul — do you mostly use it for work stuff? I’ve only been using it for a couple days, but I am already all over it.


  20. Doug,

    And as dads of teen-aged girls — this sure beats text message charges!


  21. Tshombe says:

    Wow. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your web site, Drew, but I’m glad I did.

    And to learn about Jott! I’m so excited I could spit.

    (I wish I’d thought of this)

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