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You might remember a post in mid-December talking about how McLellan Marketing Group and some MMG friends (see here for the complete list) were banding together to adopt a charity for an entire year.  We’re promising over $75,000 worth of services and goods.

Let me bring you up to date.

  • We received over 50 applications
  • It took a couple weeks to wade through them all
  • It was incredibly difficult to choose. Without exception — each charity is doing amazing work and changing their corner of the world.

So in the end, how did we choose the 2007 recipient of the Charity of Choice grant?  All the applicants gave us the information we asked for.  They provided financials, letters of reference, board lists, possible conflicts.  But the winner did something beyond that.

They told us stories. They allowed us to "meet" the kids that they served.  They brought the facts and figures to life.  We could envision how this charity changed lives.  And how we could be a part of that.

There’s a lesson in their wisdom for all of us.  Don’t get so bogged down in the facts that you forget to tell the story.  That’s where the sale will be made.

We’ll be using YESS and our work together as a living marketing lab here on Drew’s Marketing Minute so stay tuned. And don’t be surprised if I ask for your opinion now and then.  I’d be stupid not to take advantage of your brains!

Read more about the selection Download yess1.pdf

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