AdAge jumps on the YOU bandwagon!

Adage Following in TIME’s footsteps, AdAge announced that the winner for their annual agency of the year award is YOU. Well not quite YOU.  They defined it as "The Consumer" but basically you win again!

Read more about their choice
and rationale and hear from the Editor’s POV why the  stories like  Lonelygirl15 and the Mentos/Coke experiment swayed their decision.

In case the articles are not evergreen, here are PDF versions.

Download adagestory.pdf
Download adageeditor.pdf

But here’s what I am wondering.  So what?   From your perspective, is it just nice validation for those early adopters who are blogging and YouTube?  Does it change the way you intend to market your business? 

Should it?

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2 comments on “AdAge jumps on the YOU bandwagon!

  1. The short answer is yes, if the market I want to reach is best reached through social media.

    Although I think most of the us that ‘you’ refers to would be horrified to know we’ve one an award for being the best ad agency of the year!

    The reality is that we’re still at the early stages of a very significant revolution. Marketing and advertising are already changing to respond to the personalisation, freedom and choice created by the web/broadband, but it’s still early days.

    Exciting times though.

  2. Alex,

    It’s a very exciting time. I love the sense of the unknown and constantly discovering new adaptations to the social media that I hadn’t stumbled across before.

    Of course, the real test will be — how does the consumer and the BtoB consumer really use and embrace the technology.

    However messy and clumsy it may be right now, it’s fun to have a front seat for the show!


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