Tag, I’m it!

So there’s this silly little game flying through the blogosphere.   I first caught wind of it at Phil’s blog and followed as he tagged Liz…who got me.  Since it’s the weekend, I’m game to divert a little of our attention away from marketing and branding. 

The rules are simple.  Share five things about yourself that most people wouldn’t know and tag 5 other bloggers to do the same.  Here goes!

  • I’ve crossed the threshold of Walt Disney World at least once a year since it opened in 1971.
  • I could be President of Venezuela —>  (I was born down there while my parents did an overseas stint for work. )
  • I hung out with the movie star Ashley Judd for a weekend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • I really dislike feet.  Don’t like to look at them or touch them.  Have no idea why.  But, if I ever were the President of Venezuela – I would outlaw sandals.
  • You can find me in the TV special (now on DVD) of a very famous country music duo.

Hey — Starbucker, Doug,  Roberta, Sandy, Tom…come play if you’d like!

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