Who is your posse?

Like many of you, I own my own business.  I have employees, clients, vendors, peers.  Love them all.  But there are times when I still feel a bit like the lighthouse operator — out there all alone, trying to shine my light in the right places.

That’s why I have a posse.  They keep my passion at full tilt, they keep me sane, they offer me comfort, support or a kick in the pants — depending on what I need.  Each owns a marketing agency like I do…so they know the road I travel.  Each is brilliant and each one has helped me build and grow my business.

Twice a year, we physically gather (the picture is us in Jackson Hole, WY a couple weeks agoCimg3345) to spend two days sharing best practices, learning and laughing together.  In between our gatherings, we connect through a list serv, the phone and shared projects.  We’ve been together for 6+ years now.  They’re not just my business advisors and sounding board — they’re my friends.  They all own marketing agencies throughout the country.  You’ll find them in San Diego (Market Design Group), San Francisco (Gumas Advertising), Denver (AOR), Philly (Altus and 2010 Design), New Hampshire (Bedford Granite) and Washington DC (Fixation).  And of course, there’s us in Des Moines, IA.  If you need an agency in one of these geographical areas, you will find none better.

But here’s my real point.  I’ve got mine, do you?

Who do you surround yourself with?  Who pushes you to be better?  Who can you share everything (including financials) with and know you’re safe?

If you don’t have a posse, you need to find one.  If you want to create one from scratch, I highly recommend the book Meet & Grow Rich by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler.  It’s about creating what they call MasterMind groups.  Posse…MasterMind.  Potato…Potato.  I don’t care what you call it.  I just care that you think about getting one.

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4 comments on “Who is your posse?

  1. Al,

    Thanks for sharing that you’ve had some experience with a MasterMind group. Tell me…what is the one thing that your MasterMind group really did for you?

    Congrats on the book, by the way!


  2. Starbucker says:

    Drew, if I had to pick just one place to enjoy good times with my “posse”, it would be Jackson Hole! I love that place, and to enjoy it with friends is an ultimate treat, especially friends that can push me as high as those Tetons. All the best.

  3. Starbacker,

    You are so right about that. The night we arrived, Jackson had its first snow of the season and it was breathtaking. The surroundings had a magical effect on our ability to collaborate and innovate.

    Maybe we can convene a bunch of bloggers there someday to help each other create the future of blogging?


  4. Starbucker says:

    Count me in Drew! Let me know when the planning starts 🙂

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