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They’ll buy when they trust

September 27th, 2012 · Business owner/leader stuff, Content Marketing, Psychology, Sales, Social Media

Here’s an equation that every business owner needs to understand.

Know + Like + Trust = Buy.

Whether you sell toothbrushes or multi-million dollar medical equipment and everything in between — until a customer:

  • Knows who you are
  • Likes who you are
  • Trusts you

there is no purchase.  The depth of the trust required varies but there must be at least a base level of trust in place before anyone will spend a dime.

One of the things I love about social media/content marketing is that it is hard-wired to help savvy business people maximize this equation.

Know = search.  If I can’t find you, then I can’t know you exist.  Understanding how potential customers are using search when they want what you sell is vital to your business success today. Do you know what key words and phrases you should be mindful of? Are you creating content that will leverage that?

Like = social networks/blogs. When I hang out with you, in person or online, I get a sense of who you are and whether or not I like who you are.  When I read your blog, I begin to learn who you are and what you believe.  Are you out there, creating conversations and relationships?  If not — when are you going to start?

Trust = consistency online and off.  It’s easy to fake being nice, smart or helpful once or twice. But that’s tough to pull off on a consistent basis. We know that when it comes to our offline world.  And we’re learning it’s just as true online as well.  One of the greatest elements of having a digital presence is that it can quickly provide someone with a long term view of who/how you are.  That builds trust.

That equation lines up perfectly with how content marketing/social media is supposed to work.  When you create great, helpful content that aligns with how people search — you create that long tail effect that drives people to you. When you share it through your social networks and it’s done without being pushy or sleazy, people will come to like and respect you. Like and respect evolves into trust when you behave consistently in the same way.

Whether you actually sell online or you have a brick and mortar presence – using content marketing and your social media presence to move prospects along the spectrum of know, like, trust is just good business.

I’m curious — how are you building trust with what you do online?

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What clear signals do you suppose you’re missing?

August 8th, 2012 · Customers/Clients, Psychology, Sales

I had a few little electrical projects that needed to be done around the house. So I turned to my Angie’s List favorites.

Once I found the right business, I had an array of choices in terms of how I wanted to connect with them.  I clicked on the email icon and jotted a quick note, describing exactly what I needed to have fixed.

Within a few hours the electrician emailed me back with this message: “Sounds good Drew, give me a call to discuss.”

Um, no.  I didn’t accidentally click on the email icon.  I made a conscious choice.  It’s not that I am anti-phone.  Heck…ask AT&T how pro-phone I am.  But, during business hours, I just don’t have time to talk to him.  I’m in meetings, on the phone with clients and on the run.  Which is why I emailed him to begin with.

What could have been an easy sale is now tangled up because he didn’t pay attention to the very clear signal I sent.  I don’t have time to call him…so odds are, the work just won’t get done for a little while.  A lost sale.

What clear signals do you suppose you’re missing?

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Funny doesn’t sell well

July 25th, 2012 · Media, Sales, Strategy · 3 Comments

Apparently, other people were pondering the same question I was last week when I asserted that advertising can’t just be funny. Now — a recent study is showing that funny doesn’t really sell well. One in five TV ads are funny, and Super Bowl ads are three times funnier than the rest. But none of this [Read more...]

Does your funnel need fixing?

July 23rd, 2012 · Sales, Web/Tech · 1 Comment

People come to your website every day.  They pop in and pop out.  Some spend a few seconds while others read page after to page, lingering for many minutes. Wouldn’t it be incredible to not only know who those anonymous visitors are but what links, pages and information they clicked on? Well, now it’s possible. [Read more...]

Twitter and Facebook ROI

July 8th, 2012 · Money/ROI, Sales, Social Media, Strategy · 12 Comments

This has to be one of the biggest questions banging around marketing conferences, blogs and social media gatherings.  “How do we measure the return on my investment (ROI) for the time, money and effort we put into Twitter and Facebook?” To truly answer that question, you need to define your own ROI. If it is [Read more...]

How do you create urgency?

June 6th, 2012 · Psychology, Sales · 7 Comments

I’ve been in several conversations with clients and other business owners of late all surrounding the issue of creating urgency in potential buyers. You’ve probably found yourself in the same situation. You know your product or service has incredible value but no one seems in a big hurry to buy it. How do you move [Read more...]

The worst sales email ever

May 24th, 2012 · Marketing, Sales · 9 Comments

Maybe I’m wrong and you can top this…but check this out: Hi folks, Name Name here from InvestorGuide.com. Our network of sites reaches a business savvy audience of over 5 million people every month. We also have a million opt-in subscribers and 125,000 financial advisors ready to receive dedicated email blasts. We’ve been in this [Read more...]

What is the next step?

April 25th, 2012 · Marketing, Psychology, Sales, Strategy · 8 Comments

That’s the question you should ask yourself as you create any marketing piece.  “What is the next step I want the prospect to take?” Whether it’s a Facebook fan page, an enewsletter, a TV spot or a blimp with your logo on it — you have earned their momentary attention.  What are you going to [Read more...]

Can packaging help you sell in a new way?

March 27th, 2012 · Business owner/leader stuff, Psychology, Sales, Strategy · 24 Comments

How we package our products and services often communicates more than we think. Sometimes — a fresh look at packaging can introduce you to a new buyer, make you more attractive to prospects you’ve known for awhile or reinforce a buying decision for your current customers. I was in Walgreens the other day and a [Read more...]

What you don’t know about your sales funnel

January 30th, 2012 · Customers/Clients, Sales · 8 Comments

We all think and talk about our sales funnel a lot.  We’re always saying things like: We need to keep it full. We need to stay active with the prospects that have been in it for awhile. On average, it takes a prospect X months to move through it. And so on…. But consider the [Read more...]