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The power of we

October 15th, 2012 · Collaborations, Marketing, Web/Tech

Today is Blog Action Day*.  What does that mean? It means that thousands of bloggers from over 108 countries will come together today to blog on a single topic.  Ironically — this year’s topic is the power of we.

The essence of Blog Action Day, really.

Each blogger shares his/her own slant on the theme…with the hope that together we can raise the consciousness and the conversation on this one topic.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I am a huge proponent of the power of we.  I believe it should be a marketing staple — in every company’s plan/vision for how to connect with potential customers, employees and their community.

Here are some examples that I can point to that every business could modify/borrow and apply to their own marketing efforts:

Crowdsourcing:  Why create it all yourself when you can work together and do something far greater than any one individual could accomplish?  Together with Gavin Heaton, I have co-edited 3 editions of the Age of Conversation book series.

We brought hundreds of marketing bloggers together and asked each of them to write a single chapter in the books.  Together — we created three books that look at how the digital age is changing marketing and our world.  We also promoted the book together — raising over $40,000 for charities around the world.

Could you create a crowdsourcing project with your best customers?  Or invite prospects to join in too.

Give your audience a voice: Once or twice a year, I survey the readers of this blog and ask them what they’d like to know more about. They literally help me create my editorial calendar.  By creating content that lines up with their needs — I not only provide more value but I am also more likely to retain them as readers.  (And potential clients)

Many businesses are afraid to invite customer opinion because they might hear bad things.  I think that’s crazy.  Far better to hear about it and have a chance to either change it or explain it — than not to know until you lose that customer.  If you’re not surveying your best customers every year — you need to.  If you aren’t sure how to do it — reach out to me and I’ll tell you how we can help.

Partner with someone with different skills/talents: Throughout my career, I’ve worked at huge (Young & Rubicam) agencies and small (my own — Mclellan Marketing Group) and realize that one of the best aspects of being in a small agency is that we can’t do everything in house. So we have to seek experts to partner with.  That means we are always delivering the highest value to our clients and we’re getting smarter by hanging out with them too.

Identify an area where your business is a little light or your expertise isn’t as deep. Then go find a partner whose skill sets and values compliment what you’re already doing.  You don’t look like you have a deficiency — you look like you are well connected and are committed to bringing excellence to your clients.

I’m curious — how do you employ the power of we in your business?




*Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included water, climate change, poverty and food with thousands of blogs, big and small, taking part.

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Age of Conversation 4 — want to be one of our authors?

June 28th, 2012 · Books, Collaborations, Community, Social Media

We know… it’s crazy. But Gavin and I are ready to do it again. This time, we’d like Age of Conversation to take on a much more personal tone… how is social media impacting you, your work, your family and your view on life? Your chapter might be as elaborate as a real case study or it might be as simple as your best time saving trick. But it’s about you and how you “do” social.

This time, we’re doing both one and two page chapters. (see below)

Here are the sections for the book:


One page chapters are grouped into “sections” to provide a sense of cohesion to the topics covered. (One page = 400 words or so) This year’s sections are:

Secrets – what is a secret, what is your secret and what are the limits of privacy in the Age of Conversation?
Transparency – what does it mean for a business to be transparent? How do you go about making your brand or business transparent? And what happens if transparency fails?
Authenticity – what does it mean to humanize a brand? What happens when business gets personal and how does so-called “authenticity” impact you on a personal and professional level?
Unexpected Consequences – anything from a painful lesson learned to an unexpected cross the globe friendship. Share your journey in this Age of Conversation
How Do I … – share your tips and tricks on social media. What do you do well and how do you achieve the outcomes you want?


We’d love to have your case studies. (Two pages = 750 words or so) They need to be projects that you have worked on or have been responsible for. You must include measurable results of some sort. We’re not going to get into the whole ROI discussion…but you need to show how it played out. Please don’t propose case studies based on other people’s work.

Want to join in on the adventure with us? We’d love to have you with us!

To sign up —  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGhydDdoTmVtZXFLT3V0YzY2ampDUlE6MQ

We’ll be closing the sign ups pretty quickly so if you’re serious about writing a chapter — sign up soon!

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Going old school – Yahoo Groups

April 2nd, 2011 · Collaborations, Web/Tech · 13 Comments

I know that Facebook‘s groups are the rage and I think it’s a dandy tool.  But what if you have a group of people that aren’t heavy Facebook users? For many years, I’ve used Yahoo Groups whenever I was part of a small group that needed to stay in touch, share files/photos, and by using [Read more...]

Want to network AND get smarter? Check out these conferences

October 17th, 2010 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Collaborations · 9 Comments

There's no better way to learn than to mingle with smart people, learn from smart people and share your own smarts. There are three excellent opportunities to do just that in November.  Check them out. I Blog Conference — November 5-7 (Perry, IA) The I Blog Conference was designed to educate and celebrate bloggers in [Read more...]

Did you miss these? (week of 9/20)

September 27th, 2010 · Collaborations, Community, Growing & Learning · 6 Comments

I get so much smarter just by reading what others have to share.  But I always worry that I missed something big. You too? Just in case you missed any of these…I wanted to serve up some of my favorites:   Content Marketing: Marketing Profs and Junta42 partnered up to research some content marketing trends, [Read more...]

How to choose your next agency

August 27th, 2010 · Agency Life, Collaborations · No Comments

Having been in the agency business for 25 years or so, I can honestly say I've seen just about every method of agency selection known to man.  And most of them turn what could be an enjoyable experience for all concerned into a nightmare. So I was delighted to see AdAge's recent article by Avi [Read more...]

From the mailbag: Non profit boards as the boss

June 7th, 2010 · Collaborations · 6 Comments

As I think you know, one of the perks of my job is that I get to travel the globe, talking with conference/convention audiences about marketing, branding and social media.  After a presentation, I take a lot of questions but invariably, I get a few via e-mail when I get home. So…it occurred to me [Read more...]

Age of Conversation III — hot off the press!

May 13th, 2010 · Books, Collaborations · 5 Comments

Three years ago, Gavin Heaton and I launched a little experiment that has evolved into a worldwide project of epic proportions! We wanted to try crowdsourcing a book about social media, written by the marketing professionals that were establishing themselves online with blogs, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media tools.  On a lark, [Read more...]

Want to lock arms with Chris Brogan or Ann Handley?

March 30th, 2010 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Collaborations, Community, Growing & Learning · 2 Comments

Now, now…I didn't mean it like that.  I mean in the "hang out and talk marketing, social media and connections" sort of way.  Chris and Ann (along with a host of others) are both playing a role in this Spring's hottest conferences…and I want to make sure you know all about them. Why would you [Read more...]

Meet the Authors of Age of Conversation 3!

March 21st, 2010 · Books, Collaborations, Community, Social Media · 19 Comments

The manuscript is finally in the hands of the publisher (more on that exciting news later this week!) and we're proud to introduce you to the smart, funny and insightful authors that contributed to the Age of Conversation 3: It's Time to Get Busy. The book will be out sometime in April (more details on [Read more...]