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Get your brand on

September 20th, 2012 · Branding, Business Owner/Leader Stuff

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times — your brand is not your logo.  It’s so much more.

Want to explore what branding is really about and how it can completely change the trajectory of your company?  Then you need to get to Chicago on October 11th for my friends at The Brand Establishment’s one day seminar on brand. (read more here)

What We’ll Cover:

  • Brand – The Most Oversold, Yet Least Understood Word In Marketing Today
  • The Definition of a Brand – Finally
Branding vs. Brand Development
Where The Brand Lives
  • Your Brand On Steroids
  • Build From The Inside Out
  • Your Brand Essence
  • Internal Brand Strategies – Moving Every Employee From Hearing About A Brand To Believing There Is A Brand To Becoming The Brand
  • Brand Management For The Long Haul
  • Business And Brand Strategy Alignment
  • Brand Touch Points – “Promises To Delivery” Mechanisms
  • The Brand Establishment’s BrandLab™ Approach – Looking Through The Brand Lens
Brand Momentum – Monitor, Measure And Adjust
  • The Strategies Behind Successful Brands
  • Secrets Of Successful Brands
  • Who’s Doing It Right Today
  • How To Implement In Your Own Company

Presented by two of the nation’s leading brand experts, Jim Hughes and Tom Traynor; this seminar will provide today’s working marketing executives with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to lead their organizations to greater profits and category domination, even in a slow economy.

At the end of this rigorous one-day session, you will be awarded a Level-One Certificate of Achievement from the country’s foremost authority in brand development, branding and brand management – The Brand Establishment.  (Read the brochure)

I know these guys and they’re the real deal.  So if you can get to Chicago (or are already there) this would be an eye-opening, business changing day.  Hope you make it there.

(Click here for more info, registration links etc.)

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Social Media Primer – yours for the asking

September 13th, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Social Media

There’s so much going on in the social media world — it’s hard to keep up.  But don’t worry — we’ve got the answer for you.

We’ve created a new educational series called 60 Ticks to Social. (Drew’s Marketing Minute…get it) When you sign up, we’ll send you one email a week for about 18-20 weeks.  Each email will give you a quick overview of some aspect of social media and sometimes it will also include a link where you can download even more info, if that would be helpful!

It’s 100% free — free of hype, free of jargon and free of any strings.  We hope you’ll sign up, tell your friends to sign up and that, most of all, it will be helpful to you.

I promise — it will be worth the minute it takes to read it. If you’d like to sign up, all you need to do it click right here.


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The most important job any business owner has

September 6th, 2012 · Branding, Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Strategy · No Comments

You know…sometimes we make things so much more complicated than they need to be.  Do you want to own or work for a company with longevity, a strong reputation and customers who are your best advertising? Then follow this advice from The Little Blue Book of Advertising.  But I warn you…the simplicity of the advice [Read more...]

Rules of the Hunt – do you know what they are?

September 3rd, 2012 · Books, Business Owner/Leader Stuff · No Comments

There’s a new book called Rules of the Hunt* that is unlike many of the business books on the shelf today.  No witty parables, no acronyms for an overarching belief, in fact it’s absolutely void of anything trendy or theoretical. Instead, this book is just down to earth and friendly advice like you might expect from a [Read more...]

Have you built a marketing megaphone?

August 1st, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Love Affair with Customers, Strategy, Word of Mouth · 9 Comments

I spent a few days in Vegas recently and the 24/7 chaos was overwhelming. It’s pure overload for all your senses – tons of people everywhere, driving billboards, TVs in the restrooms, a wide array of smells, and a cacophony of sounds at full volume. It’s a little like how we’re assaulted by marketing messages [Read more...]

The Google Yourself Challenge

July 30th, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Employees, Life, Web/Tech · 5 Comments

Forget egosurfing for a second and ask yourself, how much can people learn about you by simply Googling you? The idea behind the Google Yourself Challenge is this: friends, relatives, recruiters, hiring managers, and even strangers may be searching for you on the web.  Why not Google yourself first and control what people can learn about [Read more...]

Is your company ready for social media criticism?

July 18th, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Social Media, Strategy · 8 Comments

A vast majority of CEOs agree that a company’s corporate reputation is more important today than it was five years ago. New technology and social networks are reshaping the landscape of how society convenes and campaigns on critical issues. So you would expect those CEOs would be mindful of the importance of being ready for [Read more...]

What can you learn from a small town?

April 30th, 2012 · Books, Business Owner/Leader Stuff · 14 Comments

Turns out, quite a bit. The whole concept of having a marketplace is blurry today.  It used to be — you sold stuff to your neighbors because they were the only ones close enough to buy from you. But today the world is one “global small town” where all your customers can talk directly to [Read more...]

Can packaging help you sell in a new way?

March 27th, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Psychology, Sales, Strategy · 24 Comments

How we package our products and services often communicates more than we think. Sometimes — a fresh look at packaging can introduce you to a new buyer, make you more attractive to prospects you’ve known for awhile or reinforce a buying decision for your current customers. I was in Walgreens the other day and a [Read more...]

Every goal should be a SMART goal

March 22nd, 2012 · Business Owner/Leader Stuff, Strategy · 7 Comments

I’m sort of astonished at how loosey goosey most companies are about setting goals.  it could be organizational goals, marketing goals or even specific campaign goals. How can you know if something is working — if you haven’t defined success?  Many people say they have goals but they are fuzzy goals at best. A goal [Read more...]